Is this the real Jaws? New footage of a great white shark has emerged and it’s spectacular!

The recently released footage was discovered on a computer by Mauricio Hoyos Padilla, a shark researcher who was in Mexico’s Guadalupe Island back in 2013 filming the great white in the open sea. Padilla originally released some footage earlier this year which showed the massive shark swimming once again closely to a steel cage and captured  a diver touching the shark’s fin and even pushing it a little bit to keep it away from the steel cage.

The shark known as Deep Blue is a 50-year-old great white shark that measures roughly about 20 feet long and is said to be the largest shark in the world.

In this video you can see just how colossal this great white shark is as it swims near divers in a steel cage as they take photos and video of the mammoth shark including its enormous sharp teeth.

Deep Blue has been featured on the Discovery Channel when researchers tagged the animal to keep track of its travels. Deep Blue is said the weigh over 5,000 pounds and is also pregnant which may be why she has been spotted close to the shore.

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