Over the weekend El Paso Zoo’s Asian elephant, Juno was featured on Animal ER on Nat Geo Wild.

The new episode, The Elephant in the Room centers on Juno’s cancer treatment after being diagnosed with a malignant mass back in January 2017. The El Paso Zoo’s animal care team along with Dr. Lisa DiBernardi of Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists and Dr. Joe Impellizeri of Veterinary Oncology Services successfully performed electrochemotherapy on Juno.

Animal ER is a documentary-style television program that follows the highly trained doctors and staff of Houston’s Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists as they perform high-end, specialized veterinary medicine on domestic and exotic animals.

The new episode aired on Saturday evening on the Nat Geo Wild but if you missed it you can view it again on Nat Geo Wild On Demand or via online.

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