Congratulations Roadrunners!

On February 16, 2013, the Montana Vista Elementary Roadrunners from the Clint Independent School District competed in a Destination Imagination Regional Tournament and won 1st place!


These awesome students are:

Freddy Flores – 5th Grade

Lizbeth Solorzano – 5th Grade

Carlos Acosta – 5th Grade

Michael Castaneda – 5th Grade

Alexis Martinez – 4th Grade

Kimberly Sarabia – 4th Grade

Keyasia Pone – 3rd Grade

These young kids created their project on the serious issue of stray dogs in their community. They constantly see dogs at the school, some of them dead, because they were run over, or in a holding cage in back of the school, because the janitor caught them inside the school.

Their interest in the matter peaked after they learned that a Kindergarten student in their school was attacked by a stray dog while she rode her bicycle around the neighborhood. This student was treated with the rabies vaccine and missed a week of school due to the severity of the dog bite.

These seven students have been working diligently looking for information to see how this issue can be resolved.  They visited the Sheriff’s office and met with Sheriff D. Wiles, to find out what could be done about the problem; visited the community shelter to get information about how the shelter works with the strays they have at the shelter.

When they learned that the shelter houses approximately 100 dogs with no help from government agencies, they wanted to help, so they conducted a collection drive around the schools in the community and at the local supermarket.  They raised $642.00 for Pet Guardian Angel and approximately 150 lbs. of pet food. I went to visit this shelter a month ago and these are some of the sweetest people who really care about animals, so I am so happy to hear these students are helping this great organization!

The Roadrunners hope to team up with the Sheriff’s Office Animal Control Unit to request help from Commissioner’s Court and they wish to be placed in their agenda in their near future. They will also present this project at the state competition on April 12th, 2013 in Houston, Texas.

Good luck to Montana Vista Elementary Roadrunners! Keep up the great work!