Concordia Cemetery has long been considered one of El Paso's paranormal hot spots. The historic burial ground has nearly as many stories of supernatural occurrences as it does tombstones.

Saturday, October 17, Heather Shade, Lost El Paso Paranormal founder and head tour ghoul, will be sharing its most compelling tales during a tour of Concordia. But because of the ongoing pandemic, it won't be an in-person meet up. Instead, Shade will share her knowledge of all things creepy and mysterious during a live, virtual tour of the cemetery.

“At this point I do not feel it is completely safe to gather for ghost tours," she explains. "In the meantime, we are doing a series of live, interactive online tours and investigations. It is basically going to be the complete two-hour ghost tour experience, with a Q&A session at the end."

The "Concordia Cemetery LIVE Virtual Ghost Tour" will happen via Facebook Live, and Shade will carry it out in full costume -- just like she and the Lost El Paso tour guides did on their popular ghost walks.

Watch as our experienced & costumed crew wanders through El Paso's city of the dead, and introduce you to the eternal residents that lie within it's walls.

During this event you will hear true tales of Concordia's amazing history as our crew roams the darkest corners of this historic graveyard, in search of infamous ghosts and intriguing local legends. -- Lost El Paso Paranormal event post

Until Heather and company feel its safe to lead guests on ghost tours again, get your spook on from the comfort and safety of your dark living room, bedroom or closet this Saturday night.

Heather Shade
Heather Shade

What You Need to Know

• Virtual tour of Concordia Cemetery
• Saturday, October 17th, 9-11 p.m.
• $4.99 for access on Facebook Live
• Go to event post and click on "Purchase Access"
• Call 915.503.8960 for more info
• Proceeds will go towards maintenance and preservation of the historic landmark

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