If you're looking for a fun and unique pre-Valentine’s Day experience that includes spirits of the alcohol and paranormal variety, Lost El Paso Paranormal has the night out for you.

If a night of fright by lantern light is more to your liking than a fancy dinner by candlelight then the Valentine Spirits Haunted Bar Crawl is the thing for you. After all, what is more “darkly romantic” than a love-themed ghost walk with stops at downtown bars along the way?

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A Variety of Spirits

The supernatural adventure will feature “true tales of passion, heartbreak, scandal, and romance,” and you’ll hear about the ghosts, ghouls, and creepy happenings that have occurred within the walls of the reputedly haunted bars that are part of the tour.

And, of course, you’ll have time for a drink or two while you get your spook on. It is a bar crawl, after all.

The Bars

Lost El Paso Paranormal
Lost El Paso Paranormal

The night will begin in the historic and reportedly haunted B-17 Bombers Oyster Pub. Lost El Paso Paranormal founder and costumed tour guide Heather Shade tells me customers and employees have experienced unexplained phenomena since the building was renovated and B-17 moved in several years ago.

"One afternoon a bartender got quite a scare when someone or something started banging on the drums that were up on the stage," Heather related to me. "When the person turned and looked, no one was on the stage."

She said customers and staff have reported seeing an apparition of a woman in a long old-fashioned dress standing in the back hallway staring out onto the bar area.

Lost El Paso Paranormal
Lost El Paso Paranormal

The Mona Bar of Modern Art on E. San Antonio and Dillinger’s located inside the haunted and historic Gardner Hotel are the other bars the brave, curious, and thirsty will visit during the walk.

The Gardner is the eternal home for a duo of apparitions; one is believed to be a former staffer of the hotel and the other a long-ago frequent guest who refuses to check out.

The hotel still looks much as it did when it first opened in 1922, which only adds to the haunting factor.

What to Know If You Plan to Go

Valentine Spirits Haunted Bar Crawl happens Friday, February 10. The cost is $20 per person plus taxes and fees. The drinks are on you. For tickets and more details visit the event post.

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