Did you know graveyards used to dot downtown El Paso?

Over the hundreds of years of the city's existence, long before downtown became the downtown we’re all familiar with, the area was the site of numerous cemeteries, grave sites, and burying grounds.

Lost El Paso Paranormal wants to spirit you away on a cemetery-themed ghost walk that will uncover the buried history of downtown El Paso.

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The "Downtown Burial Grounds Ghost Walk" is hosted by Heather Shade, Lost El Paso Paranormal founder and author of Weird Texas.

"We'll be visiting 5 former cemetery sites, including the cemetery that used to stand on the hill where the ballpark now stands," Heather told me via email. It was called Campo Santo, so it went from 'Saint's Field', to center field!"

The main library is also a former burial site. Bodies and coffins have been unearthed over the years during library remodels, according to Shade, which explains why there is so much paranormal activity in the building.

"We will be delving into those and other forgotten sites, and their influence on the very-haunted downtown El Paso area."

Heather and company will guide you by lantern light through downtown streets and alleyways during the two-hour cemetery-themed event. She'll uncover and you'll discover.

Downtown Burial Grounds Ghost Walk

Heather Shade
Heather Shade

• Saturday, May 6
• 9-11 p.m.
$20 per person

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