If you're looking for a fun and unique way to experience a handful of the downtown watering holes on a Friday night, the Haunted Downtown Bar Crawl may be just the thing for you.

Lost El Paso Paranormal is hosting the two-hour toast-a-ghost event on May 6, 2022.

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A Variety of Spirits

The Briar Patch and B-17 Bombers Oyster Pub are a couple of bars the brave, curious, and thirsty will visit during the downtown ghost walk.

The supernatural adventure features spine-tingling tales of ghosts, ghouls, and the creepy happenings that have occurred within the walls of some of downtown's haunted bars and nightclubs.

And, of course, some liquid courage while you get your spook on. It is a bar crawl, after all.

Boo-17 Bombers

Lost El Paso Paranormal
Lost El Paso Paranormal

Lost El Paso Paranormal founder and costumed tour guide Heather Shade tells me customers and employees have experienced unexplained phenomena since the building was renovated and B-17 moved in several years ago.

One afternoon a bartender got quite a scare when someone or something started banging on the drums that were up on the stage, Heather related to me. When the person turned and looked, no one was on the stage. Bartenders have also told us that there are times when they are alone, but feel like they are being watched.

The Restless Spirits of the Briar Patch

Heather Shade
Heather Shade

The evening of seeking spirits -- both the ghostly and alcoholic variety – also includes a stop at the Briar Patch, where Shade said employees have had many a strange thing happen over the years.

In one instance, a young lady was seen entering the restroom, and when she had not emerged after a long while, employees went to check on her. They found the door was locked from the inside, and there was no response to their calls. The door had to be forcibly removed, only to reveal a totally empty restroom with no one inside.

For tickets, times, and the meet-up location visit the Haunted Downtown Bar Crawl event post.

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