My family and I have a tradition to go out to Licon Dairy and Cattleman's Steakhouse when our family visits us. We usually take my niece and nephew to see all the adorable animals at local petting zoos.

There is something a little more chill about taking the kids to these local little petting zoos over driving out to The El Paso Zoo.

Maybe it is just avoiding a long drive with the kids because we are still out in the Lower Valley of Fabens.

Or maybe it is the wide-open space that surrounds these petting zoos.

I always take a few seconds to enjoy the beautiful views that come with these pettings zoos. I also appreciate the unique animals we get to meet.

Licon Dairy even created a TikTok video that showcases the cuties that live in the zoo.

@licondairy All our lovely animals are enjoying their day #licondairyfarm #licondairy #sanelizario #happyanimals #pettingzoo ♬ Adventure - André Branney

I can't take the cuteness of the baby goats:

This TikTok makes me feel like I need to channel my inner Disney princess and attempt to get these deer to follow and sing with me:

@licondairy After more than 4 years, with the help of Ernesto Coca we finally brought Fallow Deer back to Licon Dairy. #licondairyfarm #licondairy #pettingzoo ♬ Bambi - Shirley Temple

Licon Dairy has now introduced the newest member of their petting zoo family, a newborn Watusi! Just look at the cutie!

Licon Dairy via Facebook
Licon Dairy via Facebook

I looked into what a watusi is and according to, this breed of cattle has the nickname "cattle of kings."

Fun fact, they release body heat through their massive horns!

Just like Cattleman's Steakhouse, you can eat right after visiting all the animals. The Outlaw Saloon and Grill now welcomes guests to feed themselves after they feed all those cute animals.

I am so happy to see new animals at the petting zoo after the tragedy that happened in 2019, where many of their animals were slaughtered.

Here's to hoping more unique animals come to live in Licon Dairy and we all get to feed them some food to increase not only their happiness but our own.

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