Licon Dairy Farm is growing! And now there’s even more sweet things to look forward to when you head out with the family.

“We are happy to announce the new addition to Licon Dairy. Come and join us for homemade ice cream and sweets,” read a post shared on the businesses official Instagram page.

“One of the greatest aspects about our dairy farm, that others don’t have, is what we offer to the community. We don’t just offer milk or cheese. We also offer a petting zoo and a restaurant that we’re passionate about,” reads their website.

Most recently, Licon Dairy Farms added a restaurant called the Outlaw Saloon which is located right next to the main store.

The Outlaw Saloon offers tacos, steaks, and other delicious food. The best part is that right after lunch or dinner you can head out to the free petting zoo to walk off your meal!

The petting zoo is donation-based, so guests are asked to donate whatever they can to the business to help them keep the petting zoo free and open to the public.

Now, you can also stay for dessert as the Barn Snack will now offer ice cream and other sweet snacks for guests.

The upcoming @barnshack is all about satisfying your sweet tooth. Imagine indulging in creamy, dreamy ice cream concoctions that not only taste divine but also support the local community.

Licon Dairy/ Barn Shack
Licon Dairy/ Barn Shack

Follow @barnshack for a sneak peek into their ice cream-making process, behind-the-scenes glimpses of their preparations, and of course, updates about their grand opening.

Whether you're a die-hard ice cream aficionado or just someone who enjoys a chilly treat on a hot day, @barnshack is about to become your new favorite spot.

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