It is safe to say everyone in El Paso has a special place in their hearts for Licon Dairy Farm. I don't know about you, but when I hear the name, I flashback to my childhood days.

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But this shouldn't just happen to me, I am sure other El Pasoans also have the same memory as I do. When I hear the name Licon Dairy Farm I flashback to the school field trips I had there.

For me, those school field trips didn't disappoint and had a blast every time I visited. The Licon Dairy Farm is hands down one of the coolest family-friendly spots to explore.

A lot of us still enjoy heading to San Elizario despite gas prices for the petting zoo and more. As a parent, it is our duty to introduce our kids to things we enjoyed as kids ourselves.

Well, if you have wanted a deeper look into the history of Licon Dairy Farm, you can hear all about it. Royal Elect Studios had an honorable job to make a short documentary on the beloved spot.

Something I heard in the short documentary couldn't be any truer. After watching the short documentary you also can agree that Licon Dairy Farm is definitely a place of memories.

Plus, this is the perfect place to make even more memories with your children. So if you would like to enjoy a flashback to your childhood days just watch Royal Elect Studios YouTube video above.

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