El Pasoans were shocked last Monday when the news broke that the iconic Licon Dairy had suffered an unimaginable attack against their petting zoo. From the Licon Dairy Facebook page:

We are closing our petting zoo until further notice. We are looking for the owners of a German Shepherd and a black pitbull mix from Glorietta and Quemada street in the San Elizario area. These dogs came in last night and slaughtered a total of 10 animals and severely injured more. Our entire livestock including deer, sheep and swan were killed. We have had these pets for over 10 years and we are devastated. We ask for help from our community to find the owners so the can be held liable. We apologize to our customers. Any information on the owners please call us at 915-851-2705.

We reached out to the Licon family and spoke with Angel Licon on Mike and Tricia Mornings. Angel was clearly shaken by the attack and from outpouring of love and support from the community. He was so nice and our listeners could really hear how grateful he was for all the help the family was getting.

Patricia Martinez
Patricia Martinez

Friday evening, I received this message from the Licon Dairy, and I have to tell you, I was really touched. I have such wonderful memories of the Licon Dairy and the petting zoo. To be thanked for helping the Licons is such an honor. El Paso has enjoyed going to the Licon Dairy for decades and I'm just glad we could help get their story out to our listeners.

Thank you, Licon family, for being such a huge part of the El Paso story!

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