There are so many things to do in El Paso that are completely El Paso type things. Going to get Chico's Tacos at 2 in the morning after a night out - totally El Paso thing. Having a keg of beer and an open bar at a one year old's birthday party - absolutely an El Paso thing. Watching the fights in your compadre's garage on a big screen tv mounted on the wall while sitting on the old couch from the den - cool El Paso thing.

Another really cool El Paso thing is going down the valley to get asadero at Licon Dairy. Licon has been around forever and their asadero cheese is legen-dairy. See what I did there? One of the other things that is so fun to do at Licon is go through their petting zoo. The goats are adorable and they eat little food pellets from your hands. The beasties love it and it's just a really fun way to spend a few hours away from the hustle bustle of regular life. Unfortunately, the increase in COVID-19 cases is taking its toll again. From the Licon Dairy Facebook page:

"Due to the recent Covid-19 restrictions being raised, we will NOT be opening our petting zoo and restaurant as scheduled for July 3rd. We are doing our best to help maintain the safety of our employees, beloved customers and family. We apologized and want to assure you that our animals will be right here waiting for you once the time is right. OUR CHEESE STORE WILL REMAIN OPEN!"

So, no baby goats but you can still get asadero. It's not a total win, but it is a delicious one. I know where I'm heading this Saturday morning.

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