The legend of La Llorona is one of the more colorful stories that have been told up and down the Rio Grande for generations, and this weekend, you can check out a multimedia experience to learn all about the ghostly weeping woman who haunts the shores of the river.

In case you don't know about La Llorona, she is a woman who is said to have drowned her children in the river. Some say it was because she was the victim of domestic abuse and she killed herself and her kids to escape her husband, but when she was confronted by St. Peter in heaven as to where her kids were, she said she didn't know. She was condemned to search for her children where she drowned them. She walks the banks of the river crying out for them and for her sins.

Pretty dang scary, no?

The Wigwam Theater, home of the Paso del Norte Paranormal Society, is going to host a night that celebrates La Llorona. The free event will feature dance, music, poetry, and film in addition to artists on display. This is a great chance to get to know more about the legendary murderous mom, and maybe even catch a glimpse of her!

WHAT: La Llorona Event
WHEN: Friday, September 30th
WHERE: 110 E San Antonio
INFO: 915-274-9531