We are in FULL effect with Independence Day!  Yes, you have the Twilight Zone marathon, and endless buffets, oh and showing your LOVE for the United States of America...let the sparks fly as you wake up with Alex Chavez...as he starts the show with Vanessa Hudgens YASSSss she is back and this is such a Classy song. Can't get it out of my head!  WHO'S A HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL FANN?? AND Anyone getting Selena Gomez vibes??  This girl doesn't change. So bubbly, down to earth, kind, beyond talented and I won't even start on her beauty. This is so good. 😍  Thank you to Shawn Hook VEVO:

Mixer, producer, and DJ MAN Hardwell is out with this sizzling song.  I love new hardwell style!!! what makes him even better is he is featuring some old very great vocalist like jay sean and craig david, Mad respect for this guy.  Jay Sean??? Where has this dude been at?  I'd probably break my neck and every other bone in my body if I danced like that.  See what I'm talking about thanks to Hardwell VEVO:

The party does not stop cause we have NEW stuff from the Kitty Kat herself Katy Perry and Sia!!!!  Alex Chavez has the party Sunday morning at 6 for Today's Best Mix!

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