Wow, it is our 1st SUNDAY in May!  Alex Chavez is up early, and ready to join you with sweet bread, I was able to look over his shoulder with his playlist for ALL NEW MUSIC FOR 2 HOURS this Sunday morning @ 6!!

Alessia Cara is here with 'How Far I'll Go' this has to be the next "Let It Go" song!  Alessia Cara+Disney in the same video. D O P E!!!  This is from the 2016 movie 'Moana'!  She has such a unique singing voice. I really like it. Its rich and powerful, not like the high pitched squealy voices of most female singers nowadays.  Thank you to Disney VEVO for this video!

The trio is named Joseph with 'White Flag!'  Their harmonies are excellent.  They have opened up for James Bay.  These young ladies are so incredibly gifted and inspiring. Their success was inevitable. I am immensely excited to see these stars continue to emerge. Keep burning that white flag, sisters! We'll fan the flame whenever you need us!  Here are the three sisters thanks to Joseph VEVO!

So wake up with Alex as he serves up the best in 2 full hours of music; Sunday morning at 6!

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