WOW you made it through StreetFest 2017 and now your off to the Swap or congregation, or breakfast well the Goo Goo Dolls, welcome you with unrequited love...   a person whom loves another, but though one person lets them in at night, the other individual doesn't think they are good enough to be their full time lover, as one isn't over their ex yet, and one day they will wake up to find that they miss the one that loves them, as they have said, not worth it anymore....look Days of Our Lives has nothing on this song...Thank you to Goo Goo Dolls VEVO for this video:

Let me tell you Alex also has Macklemore and he DOES NOT disappoint!  OMG! YES! Macklemore and Skylar Grey together is literally perfection. I'm so happy that Mack is back and Skylar's voice is literally glorious.  Now Ryan Lewis is not teaming with our friend this time around so they could do separate things, but they are still friends and not drama HERE!  Shouts to Macklemore VEVO for this one:

Music does NOT stop we have Liam Payne, Stripping it DOWN, along with Blue October, and let us not forget Sia!

So wake up with Alex as he serves up the best in 2 full hours of music; Sunday morning at 6!

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