The Sunday TUNES are here so wake up with Alex Chavez…So the Magic Giant was born in L.A. in the 2014, consisting of Austin, Zambriki, and Zang.  I LOVE THIS SONG TO MUCH, HOW ARE PEOPLE NOT TALKING ABOUT THIS, it's called 'Window'? Sorry for yelling at you I just really wanna know....sooooooo love this!!! 😍👍❤ truly beautiful harmonies 😊🎤🎶🎶🎻🎸...I caught them on Kathy and Hoda Today show.  Thank you SoundLounge for this!

Niall Horan, said this was his favorite​ song from Harry's album!  I LOVE THIS SONG ❤ don't understand why people are complaining about it being the 2nd single! this is easily one of the best songs on the album! and I thought you all knew by now that Harry wasn't that kind of artist worrying about whether his songs are radio friendly or not, he loves this song so much obviously, and he believes in it, why don't you just trust him?  Elisssa recorded this on thank YOU!

The Sunday party does not end here…so much for including Alex playing more NEW sounds and making menudo or will he…you gotta tune in and listen…

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