The Sunday TUNES are here so wake up with Alex Chavez…so remember Buddy Holly the song not the artist, yeah well WEEZER, is kicking us up with some GOOD Summer TUNES especially for the HEAT in the 915!  If you haven't already you should listen to the white album it's kinda similar to this and has a nice summery feel!  I actually like the song...Sure its a bit different but at least the song sounds good...I mean look at Linkin Park's new singles both songs they have released just isnt them...Shame really. But if Weezer's new album sounds like this i wouldn't mind tbh.  Thanks to WEEZER VEVO for the visual:

Ms. Perry is so perfect 😍 her voice sounds so angelic!  I am talking about the new sounds of 'Save As Draft', this song is one of the best. She tends to have that one song that stands out on the album as a beautiful ballad and for the Witness album this may be it.  It's interesting that this song was produced by DJ Mustard.  She finally put bubble gum pop(I LOVE BUBBLE GUM POP BTW) to the side and really showing her true genre and vocal strength with this album!  Katy Perry VEVO TY for letting us air this:

KISS listeners...Fall out Boy is making their way into KISS Future Hits along with Sia and so much more including your wake up call from ALEX, and tips on making GREAT over easy EGGS...Sunday morning at 6 a.m.!

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