The Sunday TUNES are here so wake up with Alex Chavez…no doubt you have caught DJ Khaled on one TV show or another including LIVE with Kelly and Ryan, Jimmy Kimmel Live, or when he pressed the GOLDEN buzzer for an Ed Sheeran sound-alike on America's Got Talent, this year DJ Khaled turned 40, and even though we may have just have heard of him...he has been working HARD at the AMERICAN DREAM...synonymous with a kind of unedited self-approval and idealism, and the public loved him for it....Well the hooks up with Rhianna in Wild Thoughts, thanks to DJKHALEDVEVO for this:

HAIM is making there way back into KISS Future Hits with Want you Back, from left to right for the newbies: Alana, Danielle, and Este Haim welcome new fans...One of the most underrated bands in the music industry...I couldn't stop smiling while watching this... Thanks to all the musicians of today who make 90s music and music videos... It gives me such a feeling of carelessness and freedom...Thanks to HAIMVEVO:

The Sunday party does not end much for including Alex playing more NEW sounds and making menudo or will gotta tune in and listen...

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