The Sunday Party is here so wake up with Alex Chavez…the Script is in BACK with "Rain"...For me, The Script can do no wrong. My cousin believes that if this song had been released by some other band, I probably wouldn't have liked it as much. Perhaps! But now as this is the Script, its amaaazing!! After a gap of so many years, I would have even gobbled up a song like "pokerface" if they released it. Kudos to the script! welcome back.  Thanks to theScriptVEVO for this:

I'm obsessed with this song from Judah and the Lion, 'Take it All Back'...The song WAS out years ago but they signed to a major label and released an actual music video for it hence the 2.0 at the end of the title like this is Version 2! You're not tripping this was out a while ago but was just footage from them on tour now THIS is the official release and music video for it. This song is SICK and thank YOU JudahAndTheLionVEVO for this:

Also up is Fifth Harmony minus Camilla Cabello and NEW music from the Issues gal herself...Julia Michaels...Alex Chavez has the party Sunday morning at 6 for Today’s Best Mix!



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