I sure did LOOK over Alex Chavez's shoulder to see what he would play for ALL NEW MUSIC FOR 2 HOURS this Sunday morning @ 6!!!

Looks like The Weeknd as JOINED forces with the AWESOME <high pitch SCREAM> with DAFT PUNK, YASssss after 4 years we hear from these brilliant gents.  There is, OF COURSE, kookiness in the song, but the pain is hushed.  "Look what you done," The Weeknd half-sings, half-speaks, a refrain that repeats through the song.  It doesn't sound like your typical Daft Punk song.  As a result, 'Starboy' is a breezy and kewl, but somewhat "meh."   IT is certainly NOT BAD, but I'm curious how it grabs the world's imagination as 'Can't Feel My Face' did.  I couldn't get the video off ANYWHERE BUT here is the closest with the original instrumental!

Next Bon Jovi is BACK with there upcoming 13th studio album which is set for release in about a month!  It is their 1st studio album WITHOUT guitarist Richie Sambora!  Lukas Graham take the brilliant lyrics of “Mama Said,” into a great direction of love, time, sorrow, fun, and good old fashion family cooking.

Wake up with Alex, has he has some french toast, oatmeal (for all you healthy FOLKS, that wanna lower your cholesterol and BIG CUP of KISS Future Hits, Sunday morning @ 6!


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