I decided to take  Alex Chavez‘s playlist for ALL NEW MUSIC FOR 2 HOURS this Sunday morning @ 6!!

I couldn’t wait for this video to come out because I love this song. With that said I’m really disappointed I thought I was going to see both Kenny Chesney and Pink in this video, although we did see a glimpse of part of Pink’s face on a billboard…..big whoop!  A lil sad that Pink and Kenny didn’t physically appear in the video but is so beautiful. The song deserves more airplay!

Yup. There was a whole lot of ado about including Ashley Graham in their Toothbrush video, but if you watched their Cake By The Ocean Video, there are plus sized girls there too. Loved that. And I like the fact that Jin Joo gets her handful too. Haha.  I maybe the only one who finds this interesting, but two of the three biggest songs of this new band are both bass driven. Cake by the Ocean and this song. Toothbrush is a little different as it starts with Jin Joo Lee on the guitar. I know that three of these artists are from the Jonas Brothers, but Cole Whittle from Semi Precious Weapons on the bass was a great addition – it just all works.

Your also gonna get some RAD HORROR, its gonna be worth earful…OH, OH, some Betty Who, NEW RiRi (Rhianna-Love on the Brain), and MORE…

Wake up along-side Alex, he has some hash browns, sausage, and  oatmeal (for all you healthy FOLKS, that wanna lower your cholesterol and BIG CUP of KISS Future Hits, Sunday morning @ 6!

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