I finally asked for Alex Chavez‘s playlist(and he said "YES," why have i been sneaking around all this time) for ALL NEW MUSIC FOR 2 HOURS this Sunday morning @ 6!!

I'm so happy Niall Horan is around again.  He has ROCKED out since he was like 16 and on X-factor, he is so awesome!  Niall was meant to be a single artist because in 1D his voice was doubted and only had short parts in songs, but now it's all him and I'm so happy!!

We have the NEW one from Shawn Mendes, "Mercy" this song speaks to my soul... Just yesterday my friend and her boyfriend broke up because he got drunk and kissed someone.. She went to his house after she found out, he was so ashamed he wouldn't unlock his bedroom door.. Please have mercy on me.. Sometimes she's driven through the night just to see him. Even though he never means to hurt her (SO SHE SAYS), & never would, while he's sober, his drunk actions always do. She always try's to be there for him, love him, & push him to be better, she seems to feel like a puppet on his strings. I think this time, he's sets her free!!!….the song really brings out the kookiness in peeps!

The Chainsmokers are in with a new on "All We Know."  You are gonna trip out when you hear it!  Also get ready for some new Fergie and the one that will take you around the world and BACK from Alex Da Kid featuring X with "Not Easy!

Get ready to wake up nice and toasty with Alex, he has some gravy and biscuits, fruit loops, and menudo along with a side of KISS Future Hits, Sunday morning @ 6!