SUPER BOWL SUNDAY is upon us!!!!!  Alex Chavez wakes up supa dupa early before he makes his infamous chile con queso so I nabbed his playlist from beneath his fake can of cheese for ALL NEW MUSIC FOR 2 HOURS this Sunday morning @ 6!!

Going through heart break are ya?  Well this song may be something you can relate to!  Keith Urban gives YOU an brilliant one with, "Blue ain't your color."  It has a mysterious vibe to it that seeps into your mind and rattles your soul to remind you to be REAL with your heart and YOU!  Staying fierce...for all those folks that have had YOUR brown eyes turn BLUE!

Marian Hill is not a lady, its a duo consisting of Jeremy and Samantha.  They met in high school and went to school together at Yale.  The reason behind the band name Marian Hill from the main characters from the brilliant musical, 'The Music Man'!  The group has a little R&B and electro-vibe sound...the song, "Down" takes it into another level.

Lukas Graham comes into KISS Future Hits with, 'You're Not There' and it is like ice cream and sweet bread mixed with good wine and meatloaf...YOU get sweetness meshed with good vino and a hearty helping of protein.  Ok, I am a little hungry, but the song is dang GEWD!

Get ready to wake up with SUPER BOWL activites and good sounds with Alex, he has some homemade nachos, eggs, and a side of KISS Future Hits, Sunday morning @ 6!

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