Sunday after Chinese New Year and before Super Bowl we come together with Alex Chavez …he is BACK and here is the playlist for ALL NEW MUSIC FOR 2 HOURS this Sunday morning @ 6!!

Clean Bandit is BACK with cool sounds featuring the sounds, the man that helped Sia with some 'Cheap Thrills' yup, yup, Sean Paul and Anne-Marie who also has a song this week with "Alarm!"  Sean Paul just adds a uniqueness to every track he's featured in. This song is so powerful everytime I hear it; I think about what mothers have to go through to raise decent human beings.  This songs brings to light the good, the bad, and the ugly a momma has to do to provide for a child.  Let me tell you Clean Bandit SLAYS!

Off the Sit Still, Look Pretty album comes Days's new single "Words" it is so addictive and the beats are awesome!  This song is gonna make you move those hips.  The group is After Romeo(4 guys that just met in 2013) with 'Pull Over' these guys on Radio Rising Star Contest.  It is a sweet little track with sugar coating and great Cali vibe!

Get ready to wake up with cool conditions and good sounds with Alex, he has some coffee, sausage, and chorizo along with a side of KISS Future Hits, Sunday morning @ 6!

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