In case you haven't been on Twitter or Facebook in a couple of days, this photo of Kellyanne Conway has been blowing up social media. Conway is the Counselor to President Donald Trump and on Monday, Trump hosted a meeting of leaders from the nation’s historically black colleges and universities, but the meeting was overshadowed by a photograph of Conway kneeling on a couch in the Oval Office. People took to Twitter to blast Conway for not only putting her feet on the couch, but for the way she was kneeling in a dress. There are a number of other people who were rolling their eyes at the uproar. It turns out the Conway was taking photos on her phone and she was trying to get a clear shot of the group. Nonetheless, it was a really disrespectful thing to do.

The Oval Office isn't a normal office, it's the face of our nation. Ladies, imagine if you walked into your husband's office and saw his female colleague in the Conway pose. I would be throwing some side-eye and giving her a whispered heads-up that she needed to learn how to sit like a lady. If she needed to get a better shot, she could have asked for a step ladder, or better yet, let the official White House photographer do his job and get the pic. The men in the photo looked uncomfortable because, I imagine, they understand the gravity of the office they were in, but Conway clearly does not, and clearly did not give them their due.

Kellyanne, if you were at a frat party, your couch antics would be fine, but you are in the White House. Act like you been somewhere, girl.

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