We have a new administration in the White House and maybe one day President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris will make their way to El Paso. You have to wonder where they would eat if they came to the Sun City. I think Biden and Harris would be at home at any restaurant anywhere in the city, but there are a couple that I think would be their kind of place to grab a bite to eat if they came to El Paso.

Biden and Beto O'Rourke did grab a bite at Whataburger in Dallas, but I like to think he might like a different dining experience in El Paso. I threw in Nancy Pelosi just because she is number three on the list of presidential succession so I had to figure out a place where she would eat if she ever came to the 915.

1. Joe Biden - I think Taft Diaz would be Biden's jam. Elegant but laid-back, and totally old-school. The sleek surroundings in a renovated 100 year old building would really appeal to a guy who is young-at-heart but grounded in the past. Joe would love the Scallop Tostada and Short Rib Congee and an after dinner walk around San Jacinto Plaza.

Taft Diaz via Facebook

2. Kamala Harris - If the Vice President was in El Paso, she would be at the bar at L&J on a Saturday afternoon watching a game with her husband, the Second Gentleman of the United States, with a bowl of chili con queso and a platter of mini enchiladas, tacos, and quesadillas. After lunch, they'd walk across the street to Concordia and check out the Buffalo Soldiers section of the cemetery and visit John Wesley Hardin's grave.

L&J via Facebook

3. Nancy Pelosi - The Speaker of the House would be right at home at Entrecôte & Co. The westside restaurant is well-known for being a favorite of El Paso movers and shakers. Nancy would dig into some duck confit tacos or maybe a melt-in-your-mouth chateaubriand and after dinner, maybe catch a couple of innings of a Chihuahuas game in Paul Foster's suite at the ballpark.

El Paso dining isn't just about Chico's and Whataburger, we have fancy schmancy places, too. Hopefully one day the Biden administration will come to town to check out our foodie restaurants.

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