El Pasoans lost a beloved leader and educator last year when former UTEP president Dr. Diana Natalicio died. Dr. Natalicilo was at the helm of UTEP for 31 years. She had the longest-serving tenure among presidents at any major public research university. She was a real El Paso treasure and generations of students mourned her passing. She lived in the Kern Place area in a home that is occupied by UTEP presidents. In March, some of Dr. Natalicio's memorabilia will be available to the public in a sale at a local book store in Central El Paso.

Dr. Natalicio grew up in St. Louis and studied Spanish as an undergraduate. She had a master's degree in Portuguese, and earned a doctorate in linguistics. She came to El Paso in 1971 and stayed for forty years. A year before she retired I was lucky enough to spend about an hour with Dr. Natalicio after a press conference at her residence in Kern where she reminisced about so many of her personal items that she had acquired through her years at UTEP. She was a huge fan of baseball and a lifelong St. Louis Cardinals fan. She had a quite a few pieces of memorabilia from her time as a fan, and she also had an extensive book collection.

Gaspar Enriquez
Gaspar Enriquez

Some of those books and personal items will be on display and available to purchase beginning March 12 at a local bookstore. There will be an opening reception and the items will be available for a month at the bookstore.

WHAT: Dr. Diana Natalicio memorabilia sale
WHEN: Beginning March 12, 2022
WHERE: Brave Bookstore, 1307 Arizona

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