One of the hottest shows on tv right now is 'Blackish'. It's a comedy about an African American family that moves into a neighborhood that is predominantly white and the mom and dad have to struggle with giving their kids a better life than they had growing up while still maintaining a sense of their culture.

If you hang out in certain parts of El Paso, you've probably seen our own version of 'Blackish'. We call it 'Brownish'. Here's how you know if you're living 'Brownish'.

1. Your Facebook feed is full of status updates at Kona Grill and Whole Foods and your friends give you a ton of grief for saying you just can't understand the appeal of Chico's Tacos.

2. You can't be stopped from wearing yoga pants and Uggs whether it's 35 degrees outside or 101.

3. Your abuelita makes a face when you tell her you're going to name your kids Abigail or Weston.

4. Your kids have never eaten fried bologna.

5. Tres Flores has never been on your shopping list.

6. You buy pre-made taco shells.

7. You make black beans not pinto beans.

La lucha es real.

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