Is there a Santa War going on? Google is getting into the Santa tracking business, and they think they can do a better job of letting you know where the Big Guy In The Red Suit is on Christmas Eve than the U.S. government!

In this day and age, no one gets to fly through the skies of the world without being tracked, not even Santa. But this year, Google wants to take over the reins of tracking Santa's path as he makes his way around the globe to leave gifts for good little boys and girls.

NORAD, or the North American Aerospace Defense Command, has been keeping an eye on the sky for the famous sleigh and its eight tiny reindeer since the 50's. But this year, moms and dads will be able to turn to Google and check out Santa's dashboard, Google Maps technology, and "sleigh engineering" to show the kids how close Santa is so they have plenty of time time to go to bed and fall asleep. There are even games, music, and an interactive Santa Village to keep parents busy while they eat the brownies and drink the tea!

Santa tracking - who knew it could start a digital war?

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