I love me some old school Christmas tv specials. For a couple of decades, virtually every actor working was working on a Christmas tv special. It didn't matter if the actor was a serious actor or a comedy genius, if they were a household name, they were being featured in an animated Christmas tv special.

My favorite Christmas tv special is of course, A Charlie Brown Christmas. I mean, who can resist Snoopy dancing on Schroeder's piano like a canine goofball?

Or Linus breaking down what Christmas is really all about?

My second favorite Christmas tv special is the almost forgotten The Little Drummer Boy. It is narrated by the magical voice of Greer Garson and it tells the story of Aaron, a little boy whose parents are killed by bandits and who through a series of other horrible events, ends up at the stable the night the Christ Child is born. The last five minutes of The Little Drummer Boy are so beautiful that I am reduced to a puddle of tears every time I see it. If you've never seen this sweet special, check it out on tv or go to YouTube to watch it.

Next on my list is Nestor, The Long Eared Donkey. This lovely tv special was made in 1977 and is another one that is almost never shown on tv anymore. Nestor's story begins when he and his mother are thrown out of their stable because his ears cause their owner to lose out on money on the sale of Nestor and other donkeys. Nestor is befriended by an angel who leads him to Mary and Joseph and ultimately to the stable in Bethlehem. It is narrated by country singer Roger Miller who also sings a number of songs. So sweet and so worth seeking out.

Finally, another Christmas tv special you should see is Twas The Night Before Christmas. It tells the story of Father Mouse, his human clockmaker friend, Joshua Trundle, and Father Mouse's son Albert who doesn't believe in Santa Claus. Albert writes a letter to Santa telling him that and Santa decides to not go to their little town but when Joshua decides to build a clock to sing as Santa flies by, Albert decides to take a look to see how it works and breaks it. All is not lost however because Albert figures out how to fix it and realizes that Santa really exists. It's so sweet and 70s and definitely worth watching.

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