Forget Those Eyestrain Blues With These Blue-Light Blocking Glasses
The first pair of blue-light blocking glasses I ever owned were giant and frankly kind of ugly, but I wore them because looking at computer screens all day was giving me terrible headaches. Luckily the glasses industry has come around and realized that they can make blue-light blocking glasses that are stylish and useful!
VR Headsets, VR Games, VR Everything!
Sometimes I have to remind myself that VR isn't some sci-fi idea way out in the future. There are tons of great virtual reality devices and games out right now and you should treat yourself to seeing how far it's come in recent years.
How Cool is This, EP?!
The TouchCity 3-D Wall is a multimedia installation consisting of four (4) multi-touch plasma screens with a total span of approximately 36 feet and will have the capability to store thousands of historic digital images provided by individuals and surrounding communities.
Build Anything with a 3D Printer
Remember when the computer first came out in the 1970's? Well, I don't but they tell me nobody could have envisioned what was to come. Many tech experts are saying the same thing about 3D printers.

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