Santa Claus

Take Your Kids To The Library To Meet Santa
There is nothing worse than waiting in line at the mall to grab a photo of your kids with Santa Claus. Skip the mall and check out Santa as he makes his way through town and stops at different library branches!
Keep Track Of Santa With Google And NORAD This Year
Is there a Santa War going on? Google is getting into the Santa tracking business, and they think they can do a better job of letting you know where the Big Guy In The Red Suit is on Christmas Eve than the U.S. government!
In this day and age, no one gets to fly through the skies of the world without…
What’s On Your Holiday Bucket List
There are certain things that we miss as we get older when it comes to the holidays. So this year I decided to create a holiday bucket list of all the things I really want to do one day to celebrate Christmas.

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