We have a winner. Although I’m not so sure living in what may be a real-life haunted house is exactly winning.

Mike and Tricia Mornings listener Diana’s west side home has been selected as the location of this year’s “Yo, Mike & Tricia! Ghost Hunt My Home” investigation.

We had quite a few interesting submissions from homeowners regarding things going bump in the night, but after some discussion Diana’s residence and the possible paranormal activity going on within its walls was found to be too compelling to pass up.

Possible ghostly phenomena include objects flying across the room, the sound of footsteps, murmurings, and shadow figures. The latter of which was captured on her daughter’s smart phone and can be viewed below. As for flying objects, here's what Diana wrote in the investigation request she sent:

About 2 weeks ago my husband was getting ready in the restroom at 5 in morning to go to work and he is in front of restroom vanity, and the top to the Q-tips jar went flying off. I was still asleep and heard it and went to restroom and found my husband freaking out.

Paranormal Research Investigations, a local group of investigators dedicated to finding the truth on reported paranormal phenomena, will take their briefcases filled with meters, recorders, sensors, and all kinds of other ghost-hunting equipment we can't even begin to understand, and spend the night investigating the mysterious activity in Diana's home.

Mike and Tricia spoke with Ramiro Galvan, head investigator for PRI, about the steps the group takes when ghost hunting a structure. “We get a feel for the house first and identify areas where (the homeowner) says they feel a certain discomfort and try to figure out is it something that's natural, man-made, or environmental.”

“Then we'll walk around the place to see if it’s particularly creaky that may be mistaken for paranormal. We try to debunk as much as we can before we start using the equipment."

After a night of investigating from the PRI team, psychic medium Dolores Whitaker will attempt to remove the negative energy with a cleansing.

Is Diana’s home truly haunted or is there a reasonable explanation for the footstep-like noises and the mysterious shadows? We'll leave it to the professional ghost hunters to determine and report back to us Halloween morning, but from what Diana told us, her home definitely has spooky written all over it.

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