What started off as a captivating, lighthearted conversation with a listener who wanted us to ghost hunt her home resulted in the capture of what I can only describe as a very convincing example of an electronic voice phenomena recording.

First, Some Background

Mike and Tricia Mornings listeners who believe they are living in a real-life haunted house were asked to submit an investigation request. One residence will be chosen, and in the days leading up to Halloween Paranormal Research Investigations will spend an evening looking into the strange noises and mysterious activity the homeowner claims is going on.

Before making a final decision, we like to conduct on-air interviews with the owners of the house the ghost hunting group finds the most compelling.

The Interview and the EVP


We didn’t hear the ghostly greeting in the moment. In fact, it would have probably gone unnoticed had a listener not messaged us that she thought she heard someone say "no" while listening to us on the radio.

Before the utterance from the other side, Samantha had been telling us that whatever has been making its presence known to her for the last 5 years hits her on her right side “between my arm and my torso” on an almost daily basis.

She added that she was convinced it follows her everywhere. "So, what you’re saying is it’s a possibility that it drove with you over here?" I asked. She replied in the affirmative and we joked around with her about that for a few seconds. "Let me see if this works," I said flippantly.

"Samantha’s ghost, say something!"

We paused a second for a reply, not really expecting one. Like I said, nothing or no one responded so we moved on.

Only, something did. But it wasn't 'no.' It was, "hello".

I know for a fact it wasn’t any of us taking a breath or speaking in a low whisper. Do I think we captured a voice from the other side on tape? Yes, I do. Do you?

The Recording

The EVP has been amplified, but not altered in any way.

Listen to The Entire Segment

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