Today on the Morning Show, while playing a round of "which of these products is fake?" we learned that pumpkin spice motor oil is fake. However,  flower scented asphalt is real, as are pumpkin spice scented toilet paper and Flamin' Hot Mountain Dew!

That's right, the Dew that we all know and love that comes in all sorts of delicious flavors (looking at you Baja Blast!) will now be available in a Flamin' Hot flavor! You know, as in the Flamin' Hot Cheetos? The drink will be hitting their Dew Store on August 31st, but it will only be available for a limited run and until supplies last.

While Buzz, Lisa and Nico all groaned at the idea, I was immediately intrigued. I am a fan of Mountain Dew, I don't always drink it, but every now and then it hits the spot. I am also a lover of Flamin' Hot Cheetos. No, seriously, they're my favorite. While talking about the new drink flavor, I made a confession that made everyone groan in disgust, which I thought was a bit dramatic, if I do say so my self.

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I admitted that I would definitely try it and I confessed why I thought  it would actually taste good- well, to me at least. As a lover of Flamin' Hot Cheetos since I was like, nine years old, I have experimented with different ways to enjoy them. I've topped them with chamoy, hot sauce, melted cheese and my personal favorite: lime juice. I love to drench my Flamin' Hot Cheetos in lime juice and then my favorite part is the juice at the end- yes, I drink it.

I know it's such a fat kid thing to say, and I know it's definitely not good for you! I don't always eat Hot Cheetos, and I don't always drench them in lime juice. But knowing that I'm willing to do that, I know for sure I have to try the Flamin' Hot Mountain Dew!

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