Leave it to TikTok to come up with some outlandish food ideas! Now, I know Texas loves some butter, but this butter candle is something every Texan should try!

If you're asking "what the heck is a butter candle" well, I was the same way! No, it's not a butter scented candle, although I'm sure those exist! It's exactly what the name implies, and it's completely edible, in fact it's highly encouraged to be eaten!

Check out this helpful video below!

Looks super simple right? All you have to do is melt the butter, add the melted butter to a candle shaped receptacle with a candle wick (are those even allowed to be in food?) and allow to harden! Also, this cheese candle is super convenient- you have melting butter right there to accompany your meats and cheeses boards!

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Well, it wasn't long before I started seeing people get super fancy with their butter candles. There are lots of TikTok and Instagram foodie influencers who have added herbs and spices to their butter candles.

And then there were some that got super fancy with the candle shape.

And of course, some decided to put the butter in a bread bowl!

The butter candle trend doesn't look like it's dying down anytime soon; just the search for it on TikTok has hundreds of videos with thousands of views come up.

I'm sure this isn't the first time someone thought of using butter as a candle, but among all the weird food trends TikTok has begun, I have to say this is one the more tame ones!

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