We now know when the first of a handful of lucky restaurants visited by celebrity chef Guy Fieri and his Triple D crew will get its national exposure.

A synopsis of the first eight Season 30 Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives episodes set to begin airing in July has been posted on the Food Network website, and the summary for episode 8 states that “a Middle Easter joint in El Paso, Texas” and “their real-deal recipes from the homeland” will be included in the installment titled "Beef Bonanza" first airing on Friday, July 26.

So, which El Paso restaurant will be the first ever from the 915 to be featured on the show? The website does not name the restaurant, and inquiries to the Food Network have gone unanswered.

Lick it Up, a downtown food truck renowned for its “vegan” Mexican street food, Rulis International Kitchen, Delight, and the critically-acclaimed ‘cue restaurant Desert Oak Barbeque are the restaurants I can confirm played host to the frosted-tipped food guru's taste buds and film crew, but It's not known exactly how many spots the Food Network star hit up.

And while two of the restaurants named above do have Middle Eastern cuisine options, none of them can be considered a legit “Middle Easter joint”.

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Of course, there's always the chance it is one of the two and the Food Network is putting out some misdirection. At this point no one is talking and we may not know until closer to the air date, but I love solving mysteries, so I'm on it.

One thing I did find out is that all of the eateries he filmed at will not be jammed into one episode. I’m told the segments will be spread out over numerous episodes airing through August.

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