I’m sure by now you’ve seen or heard that Guy Fieri of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives fame and his red Camaro were in El Paso this past March checking out our burgeoning food scene.

The spike-haired celebrity chef was spotted at several restaurants around town sampling some of our city eats. And while the self-proclaimed "Mayor of Flavortown," the network, or the restaurants he was seen and photographed in would not confirm they were here to film episodes of the popular Food Network show, it was obvious Flavortown was finally meeting Chuco Town.

Fast forward to the present. We now know which local eating spots are not only getting a turn in the national spotlight, but about to experience a surge in new customers as well.

As 93.1 KISS-FM was first to report, the Food Network recently rolled out its schedule for the new season of Fieri’s show set to premiere in July. Specific restaurants were not mentioned, but the hints were strong enough that I have a pretty good idea which ones they are.

I matched known sightings while he was in town with the episode descriptions, as well as restaurant menus, photos of walls graced with his likeness, and tips provided by my vast, unpaid research department (a.k.a, our listeners), and I’m confident in declaring these are the first El Paso eateries ever to be featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Beef Bonanza - Season 30, Episode 8

Description: “A Middle Easter joint in El Paso, Texas, is beefing up their real-deal recipes from the homeland.”
El Paso Restaurant: Tasty Kabob, 6110 N Mesa St Ste D
Airdates: Friday, July 26 (9 p.m.), Saturday, July 27 (12 a.m.), Friday, Aug 23 (10 p.m.), Saturday, Aug 24 (1 a.m.)

Spinning the Globe - Season 30, Episode 9

Description: “A funky food truck in El Paso, Texas, puttin' out meatless Mexican that's huge on taste.”
El Paso Restaurant: Lick it Up Food Truck, 114 E. Mills
Airdates: Friday, Aug 2 (9 p.m.), Saturday, Aug 3 (12 a.m.)

From Australian to Asian - Season 30, Episode 10

Description: “A funky joint servin' international mashups like Pasta Chihuahua and an oxtail tostada.”
El Paso Restaurant: Rulis International Kitchen, 4176 N. Mesa
Airdates: Friday, Aug 16 (9 p.m.), Saturday, Aug 17 (12 a.m.)

Loaded, Stuffed and Fried - Season 30, Episode 11

Description: “A barbecue joint serving up fully loaded baked potatoes and serious smoked sausage.”
El Paso Restaurant: Desert Oak Barbeque, 1320 N. Zaragoza, Suite 105
Airdates: Friday, Aug 23 (9 p.m.), Saturday, Aug 23 (12 a.m.)

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