The Food Network recently rolled out its expanded schedule of the current season of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives revealing two more restaurants Guy Fieri dropped in on with camera crew in tow when he came to town this past March.

A tortilla factory El Pasoans flock to for tamales and a downtown gourmet dive that specializes in Salvadoran cuisine are the latest El Paso eating spots that will be featured on Triple D.

Episode 12, titled Full of Surprises and premiering Friday, Sept. 6, will feature "a not-your-everyday deli making primetime pupusas and killer fries from chickpeas," and episode 13, titled Far-Flung Flavor airing Friday, Sept. 13 will spotlight "a family-run tortilla factory turning out top-notch tamales and tostadas."

Like before, specific restaurants were not mentioned.

And like before, I matched the episode descriptions with info gathered from our vast unpaid research department, as well as restaurant menus, and photos of walls graced with Fieri's likeness and determined the restaurants alluded to are Delight at 502 N Oregon, and La Colonial Tortilla Factory, 212 N Copia.

Delight and La Colonial brings the total number of El Paso restaurants showing the rest of America how varied Chuco Cuisine is to six. Segments featuring Tasty Kabob, Lick it Up, Rulis International Kitchen, and Desert Oak BBQ  were previously announced.

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