Can you believe it’s been over a year since Flavortown met Chuco Town?

We’ve been through so much since Guy Fieri of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives fame rolled into El Paso in his red Camaro in March of 2019 to let the rest of the world in on our burgeoning food scene.

The spike-haired celebrity chef caused quite the stir each time he was spotted around town sampling some of our city eats. Lick it Up, Desert Oak Barbeque, Ruli's International Kitchen, and Tasty Kabob were among the restaurants that played host to the flamed-shirt wearing food guru's taste buds and film crew.

One year and one pandemic later, the dining scene looks a bit different from when the episodes they were featured in aired but every one of the hometown restaurants deemed worthy of a personal visit from the self-proclaimed "Mayor of Flavortown" himself have transformed their businesses to keep serving customers.

And they are all ready to prepare a tasty meal for you; dine-in or carry out. So jump in your ride and take your taste buds out for a flavorful and socially distanced cruise around town.

Tasty Kabob, 6110 N Mesa

Featured: Season 30, Episode 8 – Beef Bonanza
Episode Description: “A Middle Easter joint in El Paso is beefing up their real-deal recipes from the homeland.”

Submitted by Sara Nunez Leyva

Tucked away in a strip mall on the corner of Mesa and Thunderbird, the west side restaurant specializes in Persian/Iranian of which the Ghormeh Sabzi, Doner kebab, and braised lamb shank get the most love in online reviews.

Food Network

Lick it Up, 114 E. Mills

Season 30, Episode 9 - Spinning the Globe
Episode Description: “A funky food truck in El Paso, Texas, puttin' out meatless Mexican that's huge on taste.”

Lick it Up El Paso Instagram

Now located inside International at 114 A Mills, the downtown favorite known for the "vegan Mexican street food" it serves up was a food truck when Guy paid it a visit.

Food Network

Rulis International Kitchen, 4176 N. Mesa

Season 30, Episode 10 - From Australian to Asian
Episode Description: “A funky joint servin' international mashups like Pasta Chihuahua and an oxtail tostada.”

Rulis' International Kitchen Facebook

You can call it Chuco Cuisine or Cocina Chuqueña; however you choose to label the dishes Chef Ruli and his crew highlight flavors unique to our border with, Guy called them delicious.

Food Network

Desert Oak Barbeque, 1320 N. Zaragoza, Suite 105

Season 30, Episode 11 - Loaded, Stuffed and Fried
Episode Description: “A barbecue joint serving up fully loaded baked potatoes and serious smoked sausage.”

Desert Oak Barbecue Facebook

This former food truck business turned brick and mortar restaurant on N. Zaragosa was declared the best barbecue in El Paso by Texas Monthly in 2018. "The Mayor of Flavortown" was equally impressed.

Food Network

Delight, 502 N. Oregon, Suite A

Season 30, Episode 12 – Full of Surprised
Episode Description: “A not-your-everyday deli making primetime pupusas and killer fries from chickpeas."

Delight Facebook

The downtown gourmet dive, Delight, specializes in Salvadoran cuisine. Guy really liked the chickpea fries.

Food Network

La Colonial Tortilla Factory, 212 N Copia

Season 30, Episode 13 – Far Flung Flavor
Episode Description: “A family-run tortilla factory turning out top-notch tamales and tostadas."

Citizen Pictures/La Colonial Tortilla Factory Facebook

Most recently featured in 2020 on the first episode of the Hulu show “Taste The Nation” hosted by celebrity chef Padma Lakshmi, La Colonial Tortilla Factory in Central is a beacon for tamale, burrito, and tostadas loving El Pasoans.

Food Network

Bonus - Kaedema

Although Fieri dropped by Kaedema at 204 Boston for a bowl, the Kern/UTEP area noodle place was not part of the Triple D in ELP episodes.

But Guy like it so much he paid owners Andres Romero and Gabe Valencia another visit and featured Kaedema on Season 1, Episode 5 of the Diners, Drive-ins and Dives spin-off, Triple D Nation.

Kaedama 915 Instagram