El Paso was supposed to get a blast of wintery weather on Thursday, so Wednesday night, the El Paso Independent School District decided to delay classes by two hours. The Ysleta and Socorro school districts caught a lot of grief for not following suit. When the weather never materialized, questions about why EPISD didn't wait to announce a delay began surfacing.

EPISD spoke to our news partner, KVIA, and said that when it comes to delaying or cancelling school because of bad weather, they'd rather be safe than sorry. Melissa Martinez, EPISD's spokesperson, said in the past, some parents have gotten the message that school was delayed or cancelled when they waited until the morning to make that announcement. The district also wanted to give parents the heads up the night before about the delay in the school day because some students catch their buses up to an hour and a half before school.

School districts are between a rock and hard place in situations like this. If they don't make the call to delay or cancel classes, and the weather hits, parents have to make frantic phone calls to grandparents and work to rearrange their day at five in the morning. If they do delay or cancel and the weather doesn't show up, they get grief for not waiting until the morning. Maybe all the El Paso area school districts should get together the four to five times a year that we have weather alerts, and make the decision all at once instead of making us wait for each individual announcement.

What do you think would be the best way for El Paso school districts to handle weather situations?