Where will you vote? Where will you NOT vote? For whom can you no longer vote? And, in the middle of a pandemic, can you just mail it in?

These important questions and more, answered on El Paso Townsquare with the help of El Paso County Elections Administrator Lisa Wise.

Not only does Ms. Wise have Tuesday's runoff election to deal with, come Wednesday morning her office moves into high gear to get ready for one of the most consequential –– and consequentially challenging –– presidential elections in modern American history.

Challenging because, for Wise and her office, it's all happening in the middle of the most consequential pandemic in modern American history.

Ms. Wise talks frankly about what the novel coronavirus pandemic has done to scramble her staff and a host of volunteers, many of whom are senior citizens. The pandemic has changed the location of a handful of polling stations around the county, though Wise is thankful that El Paso hasn't been nearly as hard-hit as have other communities.

She also expresses a great deal of thanks for the volunteers at polling stations around El Paso without whom the ability of El Pasoans to exercise one of their most fundamental rights could be seriously curtailed.

Wise also talks about a subject of concern to many –– mail-in ballots and the state's restrictions on who qualifies to get one.

As for whom Texans cannot vote? More a "they" than a "he" or a "she". Wise touches on the state's decision to ban straight-ticket voting for any political party.

For more information on how you can volunteer, print your sample ballot so you can head to your precinct's polling station prepared or have questions you'd like answered, go to epcountyvotes.com, or call 915-546-2154.


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