San Diego Comic-Con 2018 is finally over. It was a wild weekend of major pop culture reveals! Nerds, geeks and every type of crazy pop culture fanatic had a chance to be among their own people. I haven't been to Comic-Con since 2015 but I will never forget the memories of how wonderful it feels to be in a crowd of adults, dressed up as their favorite pop culture character. It may seem weird, but it is wonderful for those who enjoy some good ol' cosplay.

Thinkgeek, a geek company that sells geek merchandise actually took cosplay to a whole new level by hosting a "Timmy Cosplay Contest." Now those not familiar with Thinkgeek's mascot Timmy, he is an adorable monkey who only wears a company shirt. No need for pants when you are a fake monkey. The "Timmy Cosplay Contest" is held at each Thinkgeek store around the country. Luckily, Cielo Vista Mall has one and it is a place you really need to visit, if you love some geeky stuff.

This year, El Paso represented Thinkgeek customers at San Diego Comic-Con 2018 thanks to Zevanda B! She won't the company-wide contest with her adorable version of 'Timmy Thanos!'

I am so jealous because I couldn't think of an idea and missed my chance to compete. Next year, I am hoping to participate, but totally want to give my congrats to Zevanda for her nerd excellence!

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