El Pasoans came out in droves last weekend to show off their fandom with some serious cosplay at this year’s El Paso Comic Con.

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Doc's Unique Collectibles

After missing out last year due to canceled events over the pandemic, El Pasoans were ready to hit up this year’s El Paso Comic Con.

In its fifth year (under new ownership), the El Paso Comic Con has served as a pop culture experience for El Paso and the Southwest region. The annual event is where fans get to immerse themselves in their favorite fantasy, sci-fi, comics, games, film, and television genres while expressing their cosplay fandom.

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This year the El Paso Comic Con brought in an amazing lineup featuring pop culture figures from The Mandalorian, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Hall of Fame Wrestlers, Tiger King, and many more.

Special guest appearances included Jerry Mathers and even pro-wrestlers Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake and Greg “The Hammer” Valentine. Plus, attendees also got to meet comic book writers, creators, and artists such as Derrick Riggs, the creator of Eddie, the iconic mascot to the English heavy metal band Iron Maiden.

To show off El Pasoans love for all things Comic Con, we put together a photo gallery to show off their awesome cosplay skills.

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