I get it. Kids should be the ones trick or treating. Halloween has been taken over by adults wearing costumes that they normally wouldn't walk out of their bedrooms wearing and older kids who a lot of people think have no business walking door-to-door for a fun-size Snickers candy bar. But in this horrible moment we are all in, is it really too much to ask to give an older kid some candy?

Back in the day, little kids stopped trick or treating when they hit middle school. It was considered silly for a young teenager to dress up and wander the neighborhood hoping for a handful of candy. Things have changed a lot in recent years, Halloween-wise. Adults do most of the dressing up, more and more houses up and down neighborhood streets are decking their houses out with even more lights and decorations, and you see a lot of older kids coming to the door and saying trick or treat. I used to think, oh come on kid, get a job and buy your own candy, but in the age of COVID, I don't see a problem with buying an extra bag or two to make sure those older goblins and ghosts get some treats.


For one thing, everyone is thrilled to be out of the house and doing something "normal". If you were searching "Sexy Halloween Costumes 2021" then you shouldn't throw shade at a high schooler who wants to dress up a little and get something good for their trouble. They could be at a party drinking and possibly driving. They could be shooting a gun out of a moving car and putting the public in danger. There are a million bad things they could be doing, so give them a smile and a candy bar and tell them to have a good time.

We don't know what each other is going through behind closed doors. That kid could be in a tough situation or just needs a little bit of fun to blow off some steam. Seriously, if you see an older kid this Halloween, toss a candy bar in their bag and know you did a good thing. Who knows, maybe they'll pay your kindness forward and you'll start your own nice Butterfly Effect.

Happy Halloween!

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