El Paso has a ton of Halloween fanatics that go above and beyond on their costumes. Usually, the ones that go above and beyond prefer to make their own costume.

If you have ever made your own costume, then you should know the troubles that come with it.

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It takes a lot of patience to make your own Halloween costume. Besides patience, sometimes you even need to start making your costume way in advance. It all depends on how precise you need to work on each piece.

Well, besides our costumes, some of us also enjoy involving our family pets, even if they despise it. There are some pets that don't mind entertaining their company while wearing a costume.

I would attempt to dress my cat (Peanut) up which was never successful.

The only time I was ever successful was during Christmas time when he wore his Christmas sweater. You can see the pictures of Peanut in his Christmas sweater below. Unfortunately, my Peanut passed earlier this year so will pass down Peanut's tradition to my son's cat Logan. My son's cat Logan is a fluffy white cat with light and dark brown patches.

Logan has been known as the laid-back cat because he loves being smothered. Unfortunately, Logan did not have it when he tried his crab helmet on.

There are other local pets that don't get bothered wearing their Halloween costumes.

My sister's Black Labrador Lucky was the best pet when it came to wearing a costume. He wore his costume with pride on Halloween. Plus even the kids trick-or-treating get a kick out of pet's costumes.

For the pets that are able to wear a costume sure rock it proudly and adorably. Regardless of your plans will you be dressing up your furry family members on Halloween? Plus, last year East El Paso Animal Hospital held a Pet Halloween Contest. Share if you plan on dressing up your furry member of the family in the poll below.

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