Is a bad break-up still bugging you? Get back at your former love with the help of the El Paso Zoo.

The zoo announced it will be bringing back its Quit Bugging Me anti-Valentine’s Day event allowing scorned lovers to once again submit the name of a formerly special someone which will be assigned to a cockroach and fed to a meerkat.

Because last year’s event was so popular and the zoo was overwhelmed with names, zoo officials are not only going to extend the feeding through the entire weekend they also plan to feed the crunchy critters to all cockroach-loving zoo animals, not just the meerkats.

Names can be submitted beginning February 1 through February 15 via the zoo’s website only.

There is no fee to submit a name, but in an effort to raise money for the El Paso Zoo’s conservation efforts, the zoo director has pledged to eat a cockroach for every $1,000 raised.

The Quit Bugging Me campaign will be carried out Friday through Sunday, Feb. 14-16.

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