We like to ask our listeners some engaging questions from time to time. After hearing about KFC releasing a gravy-scented candle, we decided to ask for help on what type of El Paso-scented candles would people want to light up in their home. Luckily our listeners delivered some awesome answers.

KISSSFM via Facebook

Obviously, El Paso's famous Chico's Taco was mentioned to be made in candle form. You can love them or hate them, but Chico's does have a smell that will stay in your hair for about two days. Dry shampoo still won't cover that smell up. I would totally buy that candle, though.

Sandra had a very creative cute one, "Piggy from La Bowier Bakery" seems like one that would sell well at a farmer's market. Frank Rodriguez's choice of eggs and chorizo seems to be one at least him and his friend would enjoy using around their house. I would send it to my brother in California because he misses the local chorizo, not that fancy pants stuff in Cali.

One of my favorite mentions has to be Javi Love's, "color lue raspa." I love when you go to order a flavor and people say a color instead. Yes, I am guilty of doing this but I guess it is an El Paso thing.

KISSFM via Facebook

One of the most El Paso smells according to Ralph Martin is roasting chiles and pine sol. I would like to argue for Fabuloso instead of pine sol.

KISSFM via Facebook

If anyone knows someone who can actually make these candles, please send us an email.