You know I love being in the kitchen. I love to cook and bake, but there is one thing I hate doing in the kitchen and that's pulling the guts out of a pumpkin for a Halloween jack-o-lantern. It's just too much to take. I feel like I'm Dexter or something when I have to deal with the sliminess of the pumpkin seeds and strings. Kids, however, love a jack-o-lantern, so I came up with some ideas to make things easier on you this year:

1. Glitter, baby - Glitter and pumpkins? Yeah baby yeah. Spray your pumpkin with spray adhesive and roll it in orange, black, or any combination of fall-colored glitter. Use a glue stick to draw a face on your pumpkin and use black glitter for a sparkly, scary face. You could even use a stencil.

Purple Halloween Jack o' lantern with fog

2. Paint - Using craft paint and different types of brushes, paint your favorite Halloween character's face on your pumpkin. Just remember to not eat the paint if you decide to cook the pumpkin.

Pumpkins colorfully painted by children.

3. Doll face - Take some googly eyes, old dolls hair, the collar off an old shirt, and a silly hat for a great alternative to a spooky jack-o-lantern. You could even go scary and glue some hairy eyebrows and lipstick in a crooked frown on your pumpkin for a creepy clown face if that's your vibe.

Potatoes with eyes

4. Crack it up - After you paint a face on your pumpkin, drop it so you can let someone who is brave enough to touch the guts reach in and pull some out so it looks gruesome. Make sure you put that mess on a platter so it's easier to transport to the trash the next day.

Upset jack-o' || chr(39) || '-lantern looking at smashed pumpkin.
Ron Chapple Stock

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